One important shift in schools over the last two decades has been a growing emphasis on teacher collaboration. Fostering collaboration is at the heart of MSQI’s work, because while individual teachers can support tremendous student learning gains, we recognize the magnified power of effective teacher teams. Teacher teaming is a powerful predictor of student achievement and can offset the effect of many challenges students may face (Goddard, 2001; Goddard et al, 2007; Ross et al, 2004).

In order to scale MSQI literacy practices across an entire school, MSQI coaches spend the majority of their time in schools collaborating with teams or with groups of teachers through the following activities:

We also encourage the use of protocols to guide teams through data analysis, discussions about student work or other types of professional learning they engage in together.  Protocols help ensure equity of voice, and when targeted, increase the likelihood of a team meeting their goals and having greater impact on instruction. Two of the leading centers for open-source, education-oriented protocols are The National School Reform Faculty and the School Reform Initiative